Triona Design

Triona Design is based in Ardara, Co. Donegal and has long been established as the heart of Donegal Tweed. Denis Mulhern, a fifth-generation handweaver, wanted to ensure that the Donegal tradition of handweaving was maintained and preserved. Established in 1984 by following the collapse of the local tweed industry, he set-up a small bespoke tweed company called Trionaand began producing handwoven tweed in the front room of his family home.

After three decades Triona remains a family business and showcases the skill and craft involved in Tweed production. Triona Tweed is made from 100% Irish Lambswool. Once woven, it is tailored to produce unique pieces of clothing including Tweed jackets, coats and capes. From start to finish, experienced craftspeople ensure that the garments are made to the highest of standards and worthy of its Irish heritage.

The Triona Design Collections are inspired by the rural Donegal Landscape and you can visit their factory at the Triona Donegal Tweed Centre to see the traditional weaving process on 200-year-old looms.

Triona Design Manufacture Women’s Tweed Jackets, Coats and Capes and Men’s Tweed Jackets and Accessories.

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